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Decrypt the encrypted elements of SQL Server MDF file database, like stored procedure tables, triggers, views & functions with SQL Server decryption tool.

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How it Works

Features List: SQL Decryptor Software

decrypt sql file

Decrypt SQL Server Objects

When database is encrypted, a private key is generated. If the object decryption key is not available, SQL decryptor tool will give you a solution to decrypt SQL database, you need to provide the server and DB name along with authentication used.

two modes to login

Two Modes to Login

In order to decrypt encrypted SQL Server stored procedure, login details of the Server would be required. There are two login modes integrated in the SQL server decryption tool: Windows Authentication and SQL Server authentication.

preview sql objects

Decrypted SQL Objects Preview

Once the software decrypts SQL objects, it gives a preview of them within its pane. Stored Procedure, Triggers and Functions can be previewed in the decrypted form in the software pane before they are exported to SQL Server or compatible scripts.

export decrypted objects

Export Decrypted Objects

Once SQL Server database is decrypted, it can be exported to SQL Server. In case Server is unavailable or decrypted MDF file has to be exported to another SQL Server which is not active, the objects can be exported to compatible scripts.

selective data export

Selective Export for Objects

SQL decryptor tool is integrated with option to select objects that are to be exported. From left-panel of the software, enable check-boxes for the objects. This will save overall export time and ensure that required data in decrypted form is saved.

Supported SQL Versions

Suitable for all SQL Versions

The software allow users to decrypt SQL file object from SQL 2014 and lower editions. The solution can be adopted for decryption with assurance of no changes done to the original script. In order to use this product, SQL server environment is necessary.

An Efficient Tool to Decrypt SQL Server Database Objects

Decipher SQL Database

SQL decryptor software is a solution to remove encryption from SQL database that includes stored procedure, functions, triggers, views, and functions. The tool works on Windows OS platform and is one of the convenient modes offered to decipher database when decryption key is unavailable.

To work with the SQL server database decryption tool, it is important that details about SQL Server login, database to decrypt, and authentication mode is available. Without doing any harm to original script, the software gives decrypted database that can be exported to SQL server or to SQL server compatible script. The software decrypt SQL server stored procedure in spite of its size when live SQL environment is available.

Download Free SQL Server Decryption Tool

To try the software and test its ability to decrypt SQL database, free SQL decryptor tool can be downloaded. The freeware version for trial works similar to complete version and gives a preview of decrypted SQL objects. The option to export decrypt MDF file to SQL server or compatible scripts is deactivated in the free edition.

Decrypt and Export SQL Objects with Full Version

Once SQL decryptor software working and output in free version have satisfied you, switch to the activation key of tool. The comprehensively operable version has export option activated and can be used number of times to decrypt SQL objects.

System Specifications

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I decrypt SQL stored procedure with this tool?
Yes, the software is fully capable to decrypt encrypted SQL server stored procedures.
Does this software require SQL server environment to remove encryption from SQL database?
Yes, live SQL server environment is required to decrypt SQL server database objects with this tool.
Why SQL decryptor tool displays only a few of my stored procedures?
The software only shows those database objects that are detected as encrypted. Stored procedures, functions, views and triggers that are not encrypted cannot be previewed on the software panel.
Does this software work on Windows 8 configured machine?
Yes, SQL Decryptor software can be installed on Windows 8, 7, and all below versions too.
Can I export decrypted SQL database file to a new database?
Yes, you can export decrypted MDF file to a new database or to an existing database.